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    The GeoTools community is happy to bring you the latest GeoTools 10.0

    download [0]:

       geotools-10.0-bin.zip [1]

       geotools-10.0-doc.zip [2]

       geotools-10.0-userguide.zip [3]

       geotools-10.0-project.zip [4]

    As an alternative to downloading this release has been deployed to our maven repository [5].

    This release is made in conjunction with GeoServer 2.4.0 and GeoWebCache 1.5.0. We would to thank everyone who has helped out with testing.

    Please see the GeoTools 10.0 Release Notes [6] for additional details.

    About GeoTools 10.x Series

    Summary of the new features for the GeoTools 10.x series:

    * Structured grid coverage readers [7] allow raster data sources that  publish composite data products to expose individual rasters (ie  granules) for processing, while still providing a seamless experience for rendering. The mosaic and NetCDF modules are the first ones to implement these new interfaces. * Efficient support for multiple coverages in GridCoverageReader [8] provides ad-hoc access to raster formats that publish more that one data product. A image mosaic made of NetCDF granules and single file NetCDF sources are the first implementors of these new capabilities 

    * A new implementation of Shapefile DataStore [9] (based on ContentDataStore superclass). This upgrade should be seamless for all users using DataStoreFactoryFinder. If you explicitly made use of the ShapefileDataStore or IndexedShapefileDataStore class please check the upgrade instructions. 

    * The transform [10] module graduated to supported  status, providing a seamless way to rename, retype and hide SimpleFeatureSource attributes, as well as creating new ones based on OGC Expression

    * Additional OGC modules for the WCS 2.0 and WCS 2.0 EO models as well as adding XML parsers and encoders

    The 10.x series has a number of research and development activitiesthat may be of interest:

    * NetCDF has been updated to take advantage of the new coverage API introduced above

    * GeoPackage: a sample implementation of the geopackage spec that is currently being developed by the OGC

    While exciting, this functionally is looking for volunteers and/or funding to meet our quality assurance standards. If you are interested please introduce yourself on geotools-devel [11] (or check out options for commercial support [12]).


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