The GeoTools community is pleased to announce the availability of
GeoTools 9.0 for download from sourceforge

This release is also deployed to our OSGeo Maven Repository

This is the first stable release of the 9.x
( series made in
conjunction with the GeoServer 2.3.0
( release. This
release represents the successful transition of the project to a six
month timed release
( cycle.

This release contains mostly bug fixes since 9.0-RC1
Please see the change log
for more details.

Here is a summary of the major news in the 9.x series:
Feature Collection Clean up
we have retired several methods from FeatureCollection that were only
applicable for in memory feature collections. A Quality Assurance
review was performed on all FeatureCollection implementations resulting
in a great improvement on consistency. Thanks to Jody Garnett and
Andrea Aime for this work. The Vector Grid
( module has
graduated from the "unsupported" staging area and is now included as an
extension. Thanks to Micheal Bedward for championing this work. General
support for complex features has been factored out into the gt-complex
module for reuse. FeatureCollection, FeatureIteartor and FeatureReader
are Java 7 ready with support for try-with-resource syntax
Partial 3D data support
( has
been added with direct support for PostGIS, Oracle, and Property
DataStore. Thanks to Andrea Aime for the initial implementation, with a
follow-up funded by NTLIS ( for Oracle
support. Thanks to Niels Charlier for putting together
allowing us to query three-dimensional datasets. WMS client support has
greatly improved with WMS 1.3.0 now enabled by default during version
negotiation. Thanks to LISAsoft and the OGC for supporting this work.
New OGC models have been added for WCS 2.0
( and OWS 2.0
( along with XML support
( Updated to use the latest
ImageIO-Ext 1.1.6 ( and JTS
1.13 ( releases

The GeoTools 9.0 series contains API changes. Developers are encouraged
to review the upgrade instructions
( prior
to use.

If you missed the previous milestones, betas and RCs you can have a
look at the complete set of improvements provided by the 9.0 series
here: GeoTools 9.0 Release Notes
GeoTools 9.0-RC1 Release Notes
GeoTools 9.0-beta1 Release Notes
GeoTools 9.0-M0 Release Notes

Thanks to Andrea and GeoSolutions for putting this release out.

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