The MapServer Team is pleased to announce the long awaited release of MapServer 6.2.0 after an extensive beta phase.

This is the first joint release between MapServer 6.2, TinyOWS 1.1, and MapCache 1.0, and is the first step towards a fully-fledged MapServer “Suite” integrating these 3 components.

Major features for 6.2 include:

* MapServer 6.2 is INSPIRE View Service compliant, i.e. supports

  the provision of an INSPIRE View Service compliant WMS Server.

* Mask Layers: Mask layers are used to “mask out” part of a given

  layer, to only represent data that intersect features from another


* Precise Symbol Placement: Traditionally, MapServer centers a marker

  symbol on the point it should be rendered to. ANCHORPOINT is a new

  SYMBOL level keyword that describes where the given symbol should

  be anchored.

* Complex Multi Label/Symbol Symbology: Some cartographic representations

  require juxtaposing multiple symbols and/or labels in order to obtain

  a complex final symbol.

* Vector Fields: MapServer can render vector fields based off data from

  GDAL supported raster formats containing u and v bands.

* Label Leader Offsetting: For densely labelled maps, MapServer now

  supports offseting a label with respect to it’s original anchorpoint

  if the original location resulted in a collision with an already

  present label. An optional line can also be rendered to link the

  rendered text to it’s original feature location.

* Multiple Font Support: List a set of true type fonts to search for

  required characters.

* SVG Symbology: Along with the traditional ELLIPSE, VECTOR, PIXMAP

  and TRUETYPE symbols, MapServer 6.2 now supports SVG symbols directly.

Full details and download information can be found in the MapServer 6.2 release announcement.

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